Friday, 23 March 2018


The walls are painted, the light fittings intact and the furniture is all set. However, for a space to be extraordinary needs to determine that one piece of special something that would bring up the visual interest of the entire space.

According to principal architect Amit Aurora of groupDCA, “The Art of Display is unique to every individual and space. It cannot have a set rule that fits all, as it needs to reflect the personality of the individual”. Successful displays are about character, composition and a pulled-together palette. It should reflect the dynamics of the user as well as space. Within the modern context, in addition to the essential need of optimal use of space, art of display is increasingly recognized as an important element; the eclectic fusion or mélange of elements should be one of the prime focuses for the architect/designer.

The Residence for Anands by DCA showcases these intrinsic qualities. The simplistic color palette accentuates the effect of all the other physical elements like the furniture and the artifacts. The balance in the arrangement of these elements is remarkably soothing. This is also an example of how lighting is of paramount importance to enhance the art of display and how all the elements in the art should complement each other to create a homogeneous story. It can be composed of varied elements but they all need to be woven together.

The Aggarwal residence also exemplifies the harmonious ensemble of displays. The striking contrast used with the dark toned artifacts and the light colored background helps in bringing out a powerful outcome of the overall composition.

Certain spaces can have a hero component where as other spaces may require a bunch of components that need to be consolidated to form one complete story. For example, the double height volume in the Gujral Residence by DCA has been ornamented with a stunning chandelier which hangs down and gives the space a whole new definition. No other element is evidently needed to support the magnificent effect rendered by the light fitting.

The Art of display needs to be well thought of, yet natural & progressive, it cannot be forced. The elements should not be artificial rather they should have a soul of their own and a relationship with the over all space. The flow and authenticity of elements should be the focus, only then can one create a conformation that is pleasing to the eye and can be truly called a master of innovating for blank canvasses.

- Amit Aurora & Rahul Bansal

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