Saturday, 2 September 2017

Crafting Engaging Spaces

DCA works on a wide scale of residential projects, ranging from contemporary to classic architecture.

A residence-being a dream, a haven, a place of comfort for any individual. The client’s aspirations are given utmost importance and are pivotal in shaping the design of a residence. All residential designs of DCA have their own inherent character, reflecting upon the owner’s disposition. 

With the vast knowledge of materials & products and experience on possibilities, DCA plays the role of a catalyst in achieving the client’s yearnings and desires through their designs. The resulting space is always unique.

One of the finer examples of this is the Aggarwal Residence at Chandigarh, Punjab.

Clean geometrical compositions for the facade with a culmination of exposed brick work and beige colored extensions make the elevation and entrance look modern yet organic in nature. Color schemes are kept simple to emphasize on the form of the built mass. The material used in the façade is such that promotes least maintenance and longevity. The scale of the built is kept such to make an individual feel the grandeur at the entrance. The relation between the inside spaces and the outside; inter-woven with the landscape at various levels, is given a lot of importance to enhance the user’s experience while residing in the building. The fenestrations are wide with clean lines and glazed glass, so as to promote airiness and make for an exhilarating affair. Wooden flooring has been given in most of the areas to retain the harmony with earthen feel of the space.  Art works that speak have been encouraged in open spaces, walls of bedroom, study and other areas, so each space speaks of its relevance & importance in the residence.

Function and aesthetics are believed to be the two pillars of the design process. While DCA gives importance to design, it lays equal importance on its functionality, practicality and budget. Residence designs for Mr. Ahmed at Noida and Mr. Mehra at GK-1, New Delhi, hence are such that foster multi-functionality of elements. For example: window sills are used as platforms for the planter boxes. Spaces are designed strategically on the basis of locality and climatic conditions. Here the location of windows is such that it restricts the harsh sun in summers and welcomes it in winters. While doing this, it also ensures sufficient natural light in the residence at all times.

Whether its plotted residences or large scale housing (Mount View Apartments, Faridabad, being a fine example) DCA provides highly luxurious, comfortable and captivating interiors, designed such that opulence is not restrained by the budget and is felt in all the residences. The layouts of the interior spaces are done in a way that manifests it into a highly modern, well lit and a spacious place. The ceiling height, wherever possible, is kept high in areas like drawing rooms and dining rooms – adding to the grandeur and is kept low in areas like bedrooms and family lounges adding to the cozy feel of the space. Each space is highly personalized as per the individual utilizing it. The colors and finishes of the walls and floors are generally kept muted with the intent of giving due emphasis to the pieces of furniture and art in the room. This also ensures the client the flexibility of changing color schemes and look of the place as the time goes by. All details like color scheme, floor skirting, selection & design of furniture, drapes, art, wall murals, lights, landscaping & foliage etc. go through an extensive design development process as per the current fashion, set budget and the client’s desires.

Our beliefs, knowledge & experience have helped us in making beautiful homes for very satisfied clients.

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