Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Designing a Home..

Designing living spaces is one of the simplest yet most complex tasks for a designer. Its simple because there is no fixed norm to design a designer can be limitless in his creativity. It is complex because the creative design must conform to the desires of each family member and must ensure practicality & functionality. A design that reflects the inhabitant’s soul & lifestyle could be a daunting task if not addressed passionately.

A ‘home’ is always referred to as an entity, independent in its entirety. Not only should it provide a comfortable haven to its inhabitants, it should be adaptable as a work space, a celebration space and be able to accommodate design changes/enhancements over time. Therefore, following are the 3 basic principles listed to throw some light upon variousaspects of designing a quality living space. 

    In the lap of nature -The layout of the houses should be such that it readily lets in nature and its intangible elements like air, rain and sunlight. Features like courtyards, skylights, terrace gardens, pergolas etc. help in welcoming these essentials.  This should be done as an ‘ode to nature’ as it is always the built that invades the un-built and it’s necessary to respect the balance between these. This will help the inhabitant to be in complete proximity with natural surroundings, even if the same is limited by cityscapes.
   The zones have to be right Public and semi-public spaces co-exist in every building. However, a private zone for an individual only exists in his/her house. Zoning in a house has to be done right in order to make the house proficient and proactive.Depending on their functions, the privacy levels required in each house are different for varied spaces. A designer’s job is to analyze the functions correctly and zone the spaces accordingly.

   A home should be able to inculcate a sense of repose - After a hard day’s work of, everyone wants to head back ‘home’.This is so because the aura it evokes in a person, the feeling of content and relaxation, is something which cannot be experienced elsewhere. Therefore, the design has to be such that it enables an individual in attaining tranquility and comfort. Using subtle tones and a minimalist approach towards design helps in building these qualities.

‘Living the Space’ & ‘Loving the Space’ go hand in hand. Hence, a design should consist of elements that instill in the inhabitant a reminiscence of their roots, an introspection of their present and a forecast of the future. Successful living spaces are the ones, which impart the sense of freedom and solace to an individual.

DCA with its residential projects tries to work with these principles in an effort to transform a house into a home. With the aesthetics and the layout, most of the projects focus on the client’s comfort and lifestyle rather than being mere structures decorating the skyline of the place.

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